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Caught stealing at self checkout

Caught stealing at self checkout

Self-checkout is a marvel of technology that customers seem to love or hate. Love, because it saves them time. For the retailer or supermarket, self-checkout arouses a different sort of love-hate relationship. Love, because it cuts labor costs and saves customers time. Customers have figured out that it is easy to steal in self-checkout.

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If an attendant catches them with unscanned items, they can always plead ignorance about how to use the system properly.

Some popular ploys are:.

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When retailers and supermarkets see the theft and fraud detected on videos, they train the attendants on what kind of customer behavior to watch for. But an attendant might be responsible for four self-checkouts and be busy with one customer, while another customer is stealing. Nevertheless, self-checkouts have grown throughout the retail and grocery industries with an accompanying demand for video analytics.

By using weight sensors, they weigh the item placed in the bagging area to see if it matches the expected weight of whatever was just scanned. Unfortunately, legitimate purchases do not always match their expected weight in the database.

As with their older cousins, the manned checkouts, the initial driver for video analytics at self-checkouts has been to detect theft. This is unnoticeable by the weight sensor and detectable only by video analytics. Our latest technology, used with these smarter self-checkouts, will give chains real-time reporting on self-checkout theft — before the customer leaves the store — while preventing false alerts and improving customer service at the self-checkout.

For example, if you place your handbag on the conveyor belt, there will be no beeping, because it knows this is a non-merchandise item, not an item being stolen.

This allows the customer an uninterrupted and more enjoyable experience, gives everyone else a faster moving line, and gives the self-checkout attendant more time to provide true customer service. While retailers are still beginning to incorporate video analytics into their self-checkout security strategy, the frontier will extend from better theft detection to better customer service. The same video analytics that wow us with detecting fraudulent behavior are in fact equally good at confirming honest behavior.

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We can now deliver to self-checkouts both better security AND a better customer experience. Get access to exclusive content including newsletters, reports, research, videos, podcasts, and much more.

Privacy Policy Terms Of Use v4. Digital Event. Share on linkedin. Share on twitter. Share on facebook. Share on reddit. Share on email. Scan avoidance detection technology, which has been used in thousands of both manned and self-checkouts, can detect up to five times more theft in self-checkout than in manned checkout.

Some retailers and supermarkets are questioning whether self-checkouts might be costing more than they are saving, as incidents of customer theft grow.

Feature Your Byline. Submit an Executive ViewPoints. Learn More.Self-checkouts are supposed to save retailers in labor costs, because they do not need a cashier and, theoretically, the customer can do the checking out him or herself.

But some retailers are finding that they may be costing more than they save, as incidents of customer theft grow. Big Y, with 61 Massachusetts and Connecticut stores, and Albertsons, with stores in the South and West, have done away with self-checkout in order to foster more human contact and better customer service rather than having customers struggle with bar codes, coupons and payment.

At StopLift, we are receiving many more requests for our self-checkout video analytics for finding theft and fraud at the self-checkoutin particular detecting merchandise leaving the store with customers unscanned. Chains are waking up to the fact that the siren call of labor savings is often coupled with the danger of increased shrink. And now they are trying to do something about it. We initially developed scan avoidance detection technology for retail chains to be implemented with manned checkouts.

If you visit StopLift. And there is no better repeat customer than one who gets free merchandise. Here are just a few examples of how people steal in the self-checkout :. These are just the tip of the iceberg. It never fails to amaze me just how creative and ingenious people can be in figuring out how to steal in the self-checkout.

That brings me to the self-checkout attendants. While their primary purpose is to be available to help customers at self-checkout, they are also supposed to watch and keep customers from trying to game the system. Even with complete attention and presence of mind, keeping an eye out for customer theft is a very tough job. Compounding the problem, however, is the fact that these attendants are often not around. Without attendants available and attentive, not only does customer service falter, so does security against customer fraud.

The growth of self-checkouts throughout the retail and grocery industries has increased demand for self-checkout video analytics. That, in turn, is driving deployment of cameras above the self-checkout registers just as it has with manned checkouts. Since retailers also want to react directly from the shop floor with mobile smart phone and tablets, we see increased interest in our mobile smart phone and tablet applications as well. Wireless Security Camera Systems Finding the right point of sale system for your company is all about knowing your business, knowing the features you need, and knowing the right questions to ask.

If you need help, check out our POS solution finder to get you on the right track. Point of Sale and Payments Mar 30, Read More. Press Releases Apr 6, Press Releases Apr 2, Press Releases Apr 1, Find the right POS system for your business Finding the right point of sale system for your company is all about knowing your business, knowing the features you need, and knowing the right questions to ask.

Quick Service Full-service restaurant and bar. Yes No Not Sure. Salon Spa Fitness Club. Single Location Multiple Locations.Please refresh the page and retry. S elf-service tills are criminalising 'normally-honest' shoppers who resort to theft because it is so easy and the technology so frustrating, a report by University of Leicester has found. Although shops may think they are saving money by ditching staff in favour of automated systems, in fact, the amount of money lost through theft rockets after the introduction of self-checkouts.

Leicester criminologists found that the cost of stolen items more than doubles after the introduction of self-scanning. And it is not just criminals taking advantage of the lax security. Self-checkouts were found to provoke aggressive behaviour particularly when products would not scan correctly, or when staff had to intervene to over-ride faults or check age verifications.

Giving customers the freedom to self-scan also gives them the opportunity to blame faulty technology, problems with the product barcodes or claim that they are not technically proficient as reasons for non-scanning, said the report.

T he study involved data from nearly 12 million shopping trips from four major British retailers as well others in the US, Belgium and Holland between and It is also difficult for retailers to identify whether a customer wilfully took items without scanning or were simply absentminded. S canning items using hand-held devices or mobile phones was also fund to lead to errors.

Some supermarkets now carry out random audit checks and technology is being developed to tag items so that they set off alarms if they have not been scanned. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph News Science. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your support.Self-checkout theft has become so widespread that a whole lingo has sprung up to describe its tactics. How common are self-scanning scams? If anonymous online questionnaires are any indication, very common. When Voucher Codes Pro, a company that offers coupons to internet shoppers, surveyed 2, people, nearly 20 percent admitted to having stolen at the self-checkout in the past.

More than half of those people said they gamed the system because detection by store security was unlikely. A study of self-checkouts with handheld scanners, conducted by criminologists at the University of Leicester, also found evidence of widespread theft. The Leicester researchers concluded that the ease of theft is likely inspiring people who might not otherwise steal to do so.

Rather than walk into a store intending to take something, a shopper might, at the end of a trip, decide that a discount is in order.

How To Stop Those Self-Checkout Thieves

Whether out of social responsibility or frustration with shrinkage, some retailers, including Albertsons, Big Y Supermarket, Pavilions, and Vons, have scaled back or eliminated self-scanning, at least in some stores. But others continue to add it.

Worldwide, self-checkout terminals are expected to numberby next year, up fromin In some places, meanwhile, the likelihood of being punished for petty shoplifting is decreasing.

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caught stealing at self checkout

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caught stealing at self checkout

Rene Chun is a contributing editor at Wired.I have a friend who steals things from wal-mart by using the self check-out lane and walks outta there with all kinds of stuff. I was just wondering if anybody else does it the same way she does How do they do that??

Their security is pretty tight I used to know 2 guys who could steal "anything" from Walmart. They go to a busy superstore on a Saturday.

The term they used was "buggy dump".

The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery

Do that 4 times. Pay for the 1st buggy of goodies and get outside and load it into a friends car and they leave. Go back in and retrieve the 2nd buggy and walk out the other door. If questioned, they have the receipt.

Go back in and get the 3rd buggy and go out 1st door. Go back in an hour later and get the 4th buggy and return it for a refund. I didn't know they did. So, I'm going to be waiting for someone that knows to answer.

Then someone that works at Wal-Mart will read this and inform the store. U can also for instance, grab something expensive and switch the price tag to something cheap so when scan it it goes through. There are cameras everywhere at walmart. One day she is going to get caught stealing. The reason why she hasn't been caught is probably she is being a sneaky snake. They may get by with it as far as getting the items, but in all actuality, they don't get by wtih it from God. He is all knowing and you will always lose something of greater worth in the long run.

Update: I have a friend who steals things from wal-mart by using the self check-out lane and walks outta there with all kinds of stuff.

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Answer Save. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Walmart offers self-checkout to help customers get out of the store faster.

These lanes are open as long as the store is open, which is 24 hours at the local super Walmarts. Unfortunately, the self-checkout is being abused by people who think they can get away with stealing, by not scanning all the items before they place them in the bag. People are getting arrested all the time for shoplifting.

Although a store has a lot of time to press charges for shoplifting against someone caught stealing, Walmart does it right away. They press charges when the arrest is made.

Some people who were caught stealing thought they would get a slap on the wrist. They were arrested and went to jail for shoplifting even though it was their first offense. Most people, especially first-time offenders, are then sentenced to probation and have to pay fines. However, you can go to jail up to a year for petty theft. Petty theft charges also show up on background check. While these are misdemeanor charges, they stay on your record for life in most states.

Some misdemeanors do go away depending on the state. A misdemeanor, such as shoplifting for petty theft, can ruin your life if you want to get a job in retail and other businesses. Another Walmart shoplifter told police he had dementia and forgets things.

There are also new Walmart self-checkout cameras that provide a lot of surveillance for the loss prevention officers. They know all the theft techniques when it comes to scan and go shoplifting.

caught stealing at self checkout

Their jobs are to prevent theft, and they catch people all the time. Recently, a shoplifter loaded her shopping cart with a generator she tried to steal by walking out through the Garden Center. Once outside, she asked a store employee to help her load it into her vehicle.

When the employee became suspicious and asked her for the receipt, she quickly drove off. Surveillance video captured her license plate, and she was found at home. Some people who stole from Walmart thought they got away with it long after.

The video records from the surveillance cameras are digitized and never deleted. An employee found items missing from her department during an inventory check and asked a loss prevention officer to review the footage.

They found two people taking items from the department, walking to another area of the store, and concealing the merchandise into their pockets. Surveillance video captured their license plate, and they were arrested a couple of weeks after the theft. Stealing from a Walmart self-checkout or store is never a good idea because you will most likely be caught. People have stolen from Walmart because they needed a grill, or because they wanted candy.

To see some of the recent Walmart arrests, go here.As a kind of reproach, I prepared to bag the item in any case, but a pang of weary guilt set in. Two choices sprung to mind.

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Carry on as though nothing untoward had happened, and knowingly steal. Or hail the cashier, who at the time was busy at another till, to fix the machine and right the wrong.

I picked the second option, eventually. Though, to be honest, on another day I might have swayed the other way. Plenty of us do. Need proof? Expensive grapes are scanned as inexpensive carrots. Prime steaks are swiped as potatoes. The barcodes of pricey objects — wine, beer, spirits, cosmetics — are deliberately obscured by stickers removed from significantly cheaper on-sale items. For an idea of how close to home the issue really is, try mentioning it to your friends, like I did.

Several of mine confessed to pilfering something from a self-checkout machine at some point, though nearly all of those added a caveat: only small stuff. One recently got away with an umbrella. Another regularly declares chocolate croissants as bread rolls.

And more than a few said they bagged items that failed to scan, half-shifting the blame on to a faulty machine. To hammer home the point, he had an year-old provide a demonstration. When they reached stores, the machines offered customers unexpected levels of autonomy, and the opportunity to avoid long queues at traditional checkout tills.

And though the machines were outwardly advertised as being strictly beneficial for the customer, they offered retailers perks, too, notably the freedom to slash labour costs.

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The more self-checkout machines a supermarket had, the fewer cashiers it required. There were savings to be made. But any financial gains now appear to be marginal, at least in part due to unforeseen spikes in self-scanning theft. In a recent study a team at Voucher Codes Pro, a sales coupon website, quizzed 2, shoppers about their supermarket habits and found that close to a quarter had committed theft at a self-checkout machine at least once.

Some steal by accident, the study found, perhaps on account of a scanning error — honest mistakes. Incriminologists at the University of Leicester published a paper that reported on the impact of recent developments in mobile-scanning technology. The study was led by Adrian Beckan emeritus professor of criminology, who has spent more than 25 years researching losses in the retail industry. In the self-checkout aisle, for example, human interaction is often pared back to a minimum, which reduces the perception of risk on the part of a potential perpetrator.

Nation of shoplifters: the rise of supermarket self-checkout scams

They tend not to employ traditional shoplifting techniques, and are unlikely to steal in circumstances in which an opportunity is not presented to them. Psychologists call this Opportunity Theory — when an offender consciously decides to take advantage of an opportunity for crime that has appeared in his normal routine. But there is other psychology at play, too. Often, perpetrators will construct what they perceive as legitimate excuses for theft. Still more reach the self-checkout machine, look around, and see nothing but the inhuman trappings of a faceless corporation.

Few would steal from an individual grocer. But from a multinational conglomerate? What difference does it make? In fact, the corporation has saved so much money by laying off all its cashiers that it is almost morally necessary to steal from them. Maruna offered a personal example to illustrate the point. When I asked several supermarkets to comment on this story, they all declined.

The subject is fraught with uncertainty.